Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) and Foundation Stage 2 (Reception)

Early Years Curriculum

The Early Years curriculum is broad and balanced ensuring a ‘school readiness’ developing attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding. It provides a strong platform for future years and a continuing thirst for learning. With recent government changes our curriculum has been updated to create a range of stimulating and exciting themes to engage young children in the learning process. This continues to evolve as we plan around the needs and interests of individual children allowing for fascinations and talents to be catered for.

The EYFS building, which opened in July 2010, provides a safe, secure and exciting environment for children to learn with areas allowing for outdoor and construction play as well as quiet reading time, encouraging free- flow play. The resources are well organised and easily accessible therefore encouraging children to be responsible and independent within their learning. Nursery and Reception work side by side therefore developing interaction and social skills across the phase.

All our staff are very experienced and highly committed ensuring all children grow in confidence by nurturing the individual and inspiring children to be the best they can be. We provide a happy, secure and stimulating environment in which your child can develop as an independent learner. Through positive relationships the children learn to be part of a wider social group, respecting and supporting each other. We promote all aspects of development; social, emotional, creative, physical and intellectual, developing the whole child. We enthuse, motivate and challenge all children ensuring they reach their full potential.

Teaching and Learning.

The activities and experiences are based on the seven areas of learning.

The three prime areas of learning; Communication and Language, Physical Development, and Personal, Social and Emotional Development play a crucial role in developing children’s curiosity and desire to learn.

The four specific areas of learning Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design are catered for ensuring children have the capacity to gain knowledge, skills and understanding.

When planning and guiding children, we also consider the different ways in which children learn and ensure all styles of learning are catered for. We encourage the children to ‘play and explore’, to be ‘active learners’ and to ‘create and think critically’.

In Early Years, assessment is on–going throughout FS1 and FS2. Children’s progress, development and learning is carefully tracked. IT is used effectively to capture a child’s learning journey and to monitor the individual progress made.

A high priority is to develop the enjoyment of reading as this is crucial to aid learning. Therefore book sharing begins in FS1 followed by a scheme of books introduced in FS2. Our Reading Scheme is banded at each stage, primarily based on the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme, supplemented with a variety of books at each stage to provide breadth and depth.








APS 39.2


APS 33.7


APS 32.8



APS 41.8


APS 34.5


APS 33.3



APS 41.8


APS 34.8


APS 34.3



APS 39.1


APS 34.9




Berkswell School prides itself on being inclusive. Parents, volunteers and students play a key role in contributing to developing the learning process. The relationship between parents and staff is crucial if children are to be successful and have a happy and secure start to school.


After School Care.

A range of after school care is provided;

A school based wrap-around is available for Nursery children (11.50am - 3.20pm). The FS1 (Nursery) ‘wrap around’ provision, ‘Berkswell Monty’s', is run by highly qualified school staff who work alongside FS2 children and staff for the afternoon session. Children are able to enjoy the close links with school, supporting whole school events, etc. They are also able to have a school lunch (£1.90 per day at present, althought this may increase slightly in the future), taking advantage of the excellent meals prepared on the school premises. Parents pay for Monty's sessions half termly in advance at a cost of £17.50 per session at the moment, although this may increase for September 2016. Full information regarding Monty's is available in the introduction session in June or via the school office.

If you require care before 8.50am or after 3.20pm, we have Berkswell Windmill Wraparound, a school run before and after school club.  Please "Before and After School Care" for details.