The Berkswell Curriculum

At Berkswell we take great pride in delivering a rich and varied curriculum, delivered in a variety of styles, catering for the needs of every learner.

In recent years the new National Curriculum has been launched nationwide. We renewed our themed units of work for a new generation of children. Our outlook however, has remained unchanged. Using the new objectives we have a thriving curriculum that makes the most of modern technology in education. ICT has now become 'Computing' and children will develop their skills as 21st century citizens by coding, animating and socialising online safely. Creative Arts will continue its rich history of excellence at Berkswell with a clear focus on artistic skills and expert guidance from highly-trained teachers. History and Geography will ensure children grow up with a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the world in which they live in. There are very high expectations across all areas. Our new curriculum is better than any previous version at Berkswell School and will place a higher expectation on everyone involved to ensure children enjoy and are inspired by their learning journey, engaging and excelling in all that they do. 

The documents below give details of the learning taking place in each class in each term. Please use these as you wish to help consolidate your children's learning.

Yearly Overviews

Key Stage One
Year One
Year Two

Key Stage Two
Year Three
Year Four
Year Five
Year Six

To view the National Curriculum as published by the Department for Education, click here.

Termly Overviews
The following plans are intended to inform parents of the key objectives for each subject in each term. 

Key Stage One
Year One - Autumn, Spring, Summer
Year Two - Autumn, Spring, Summer

Key Stage Two

Year Three - 
Autumn, Spring, Summer
Year Four - Autumn, Spring, Summer
Year Five - Autumn, Spring, Summer
Year Six - Autumn, Spring, Summer