How we teach your children to calculate...

We have launched a fantastic new interactive resource for parents which guides you through the way we teach children to calculate in maths during their time with us at Berkswell. Newly updated for the National Curriculum 2014, it contains links to YouTube clips filmed specifically for this project which bring the processes to life.

 Example taken from 'How we teach your children to take-away'

Available to download by clicking on any of the four links below, these guides to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division make it easier than ever to understand the way in which we teach children calculation. Taking you through the methods with detailed description, each stage of the process is accompanied by examples (photo and video) and finishes with a selection of questions for you to test yourself.

How We Teach Your Child To Add
How We Teach Your Child To Take-Away
How We Teach Your Child To Multiply
How We Teach Your Child To Divide

Our last curriculum evening for maths was incredibly popular, so we are aware there is a call for this on a regular basis from parents. However, now you don't even have to venture out of your house. It's all here to help whenever you need it, on your laptop, iPad, iPhone or even just plain old paper!

Here's an example of one of the video clips to support each stage. Tune into Berkswell School TV on YouTube for examples, or just use the downloads above. 


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