Berkswell School Staff


Mrs T Drew

Assistant Head

Mrs L Baker


Mrs S Phillips


Mrs S Bailey

Year 1

Mrs L Connell

Year 2

Miss K Wragg

Year 3

Mrs J Barnes

Year 4

Mrs R McCabe

Year 5

Mrs H Parker

Year 6

Mrs L Oakley

Support Teachers

Miss A Harrison

Mrs S Tyler

Mrs C Penn

Teaching Assistants








Teaching Assistants (Monty’s)



Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs N Holmes

Mrs A Shanley

Mrs J Richmond

Mrs E Rose

Mrs Z Tidy

Miss K Tyler

Mrs W Williams

Mrs G Wilson

Miss K Tyler

Mrs L Yates

Mrs A O'Donoghue
Mrs L Meades

Berkswell Windmills Wraparound

Provision Manager

Before school club lead

After school club lead

Deputy Lead

Team member

Team member

Team member


Miss K Tyler

Mrs R Chauhan

Miss C Sargent

Miss K Ceillam

Miss C Bailey

Mr J O'Farrell

Mrs P Rossborough

Community and Family Mentor

Mrs S Went


Mrs K Russell


Mrs J Dean

Site Manager

Mr M Lawton


Call First Cleaning Ltd

Cook in Charge

Mrs R Chauhan

Kitchen Assistants

Mrs C Pepper and Mrs Luckock